What Service We Provide

First And Easy Money Transfer Solution Across The World

Cash Pick-Up

Send cash for collection at over 3,557 locations across Bangladesh

Bank Deposit

Transfer directly to a bank account in Bangladeshi taka

Mobile Top-up

Send mobile airtime in Bangladeshi taka. No time No Limit

What We Do For You

We’re making a big world smaller by bringing friends, families and businesses closer together.

We Made The Easiest Possible Way To Transfer Money

We’re making a big world smaller by bringing friends, families and businesses closer together.

With the new relationship with Choice Money Transfer, NRB Money Transfer Inc or its Choice partner, has agency locations across the United States, you are never far away from a transfer outlet. We link people in the diaspora with money by offering the following services

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Give Your Information to Sender

At this moment, NRB Money Transfer Inc transactions can be collected at Bank, but with the new collaboration pilot with CHOICE Money Transfer, collections will now be made at the following.

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Give Your Information to Sender

Real-Time Exchange Rates: Discover today’s best exchange rate in real time for USD-BTD, corridors

Exchange Rate Alerts: Receive a notification when the exchange rate reaches your desired limit.

Provider Reviews: Review customer experience, feedback, and recommendations written by CompareRemit.com users.

Comparison Tool: Compare exchange rates from reputable companies, so you can select the best money transfer service by comparing factors such as live exchange rate, transfer fee, transfer time, service benefits, and more.

Remittance Guide: Find tips, guidelines, and articles that make it easy to understand the remittance process. Refer to our Remittance & Money Transfer Guide for all the information you need about sending money abroad.

Why Choose Us ?

Likewise, NRB Money Transfer Inc. is created to help users find the best way to send money abroad, and is backed by a name its users trust.

Customers Service

Our primary goal is to provide the highest standard of financial services believing that our success is measured by the satisfaction of the Customers we serve.

Credibility and Reliability

Using the services offered by us you can count on our professionalism, credibility and reliability!

Trusted and Secure

To ensure the full security of the funds entrusted in us, we cooperate only with the most reputable banks, financial institutions, cash processing and insurance companies. For this reason, we can guarantee the safety of your money at every stage of the transfer and that it will reach the designated Recipient at the set date.

Transparency and Compliance

The Company carries out a policy of transparency and compliance with particular reference to the Bank Secrecy Act, USA Patriot Act and the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act, as well as our own anti-money laundering (AML), information security and data protection policies.

We Made The Easiest Possible Way To Transfer Money

NRB Money Transfer Inc. is Partnership by Choice Money Transfer Inc. a USA based company.

Our Mission

NRB Money Transfer Inc. Makes it easy to compare money transfer services, allowing you to assess companies side-by-side and select the best value for your money. Users can compare, choose, and review exchange rates, transfer fees, and other information from the most well-known and popular money transfer service providers, all in one place.

Our Vision

We make every effort to provide a competitive offer of international money transfers and meet our Customers’ expectations. We also offer attractive money exchange rates obtained from licensed dealing rooms of reputable banks.

Our Goal

For people seeking the best provider to send money overseas, we present the information they need, fast and free.


Our Banking Partners

Send money for cash pick-up with these local partners, and more, in Bangladesh